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Cost effective, comprehensive design and drafting service
We are now licenced and accredited Energy Assessors
6 Star Energy Ratings and N.S.W. BASIX Certificates
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Realise your dream house
Whether you are starting from a bare block of dirt, extending an existing house in that dream position or completely renovating the house you love, we can help you achieve your dream.

A premium service to match your expectations
We believe in making your planning experience as painless as possible and aim to make you, the customer, the most important part of our business, because you are.
We take the hard work out of planning a new house, extension, alteration or renovation. More important is our ongoing commitment to you after the plans are finalised and presented to the relevant authorities. We continue to work with you on any issues that arise and do not stop until final approval. This is the type of service to expect when using a premium service.
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   We design to suit the local area, the orientation of the building in relation to the sun, prevailing winds, roads and any external factors that will affect the usability and energy efficency of the building.
   Tweed Coast Drafting Service takes a completed design and creates a complete set of drawings. We provide all drawings necessary for Local Council (usually for Development Application and Construction Certificate).
   All the extras like Wind Bracing, Tie Down, Energy Efficency, BASIX, Statement of Enviromental Effects, Council Forms, can be taken care of. If we don't do it inhouse, we employ local consultants to do it for us.
Contact us              Email:              Phone/Text:     0407 624 610