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The technical side of design.
Section 01
Build your dream house

We can design your dream house and we can draft the plans for your dream house, but can it be built.
Whether we start from scratch or take on an existing design, we review the design to identify any potential construction problems and keep it within the bounds of the current materials available. Where possible, structural materials will be specified and sized, or if this is out of our area of expertise, outside consultants or specialists will be brought in.

Councils and local authorities are bound by governments who require more and more information supplied with house plans. They can (and do) ask for:
Engineers specifications for concrete footings, slabs and structural steel.
Wind Bracing diagrams and Tie Down schedules.
Energy Efficency ratings
Shadow Diagrams
Landscape Plan
Stormwater management systems
Driveway profiles
Lighting (energy efficient) plans
Electrical plans
Bushfire management systems
Soil testing and footing design
This list above is not complete, it is almost impossible to know what councils will ask for next.

Each council or local authority will also have their own Development Plan with their own rules and regulations. We have to research and address these rules and regulations or your design will not gain the necessary approvals.

We try to do as much of the technical details in-house at a minimum of cost to you and supply a complete service to you.
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