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Timber Specifications

Roy Parker, the principal of Tweed Coast Design and Drafting worked for a large timber supply company and knows and understands the different types of timber and their uses in building. This extends to newer products like laminated timber beams; ply web joists and floating floors.

Prefabricated timber frames and trusses are now the preferred construction method for new homes, duplexes and town houses and smaller unit developments. They can also be used in extensions and refurbishments. CAD files can be imported directly to the frame and truss programs. The data can be converted to a frame and truss design and used for estimates and for the manufacture of prefabricated roof trusses, wall frames and floor joists.

Companies such as “Hyne” have developed their own software packages for specifying their timber products. The information for a member, a floor joist for example, is inserted into the appropriate boxes and the software will give a list of products available that can be used in that situation.
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