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Pigabeen 01
We can design your dream home
Design your dream house
We design to suit the local area, the orientation of the building in relation to the sun, prevailing winds, roads and any external factors that will affect the usability of the building.
We can meet with you at your location at a time that suits you or, if distance is a problem, discuss it over the phone. From this meeting, we get an idea of your concepts and wish list to produce a viable preliminary design. Advice can also be given on materials, construction methods and statutory requirements (local council and Building Code of Australia).
This is then reviewed by the client, all comments and suggestions are addressed and revised design is produced. This is done as often as necessary to achieve what will work for the client, the local environment and local authorities.
This design can then be progressed to a minimal set of drawings that the client can present to a builder for quotation purposes.
Some housing estates with covenants require a set of plans for the architectural review panel to ascertain if the design suits their requirements.
Once the design is finalised, then a complete set of plans can be drafted, ready for presentation to the local council or certifing authority.
Verandah 01 Original Beach House O,Callaghan
Verandah Extension
Original Beach House
River House
   The verandah with the pyramid roof was added to the existing house. It was designed to look like part of the original house. Also, the roof could not interfere with the solar hot water and solar pv panels.
   This is an original beach house built in the 1950's or 1960's. It is the type of house that inspired the architecture of the modern skillion roof house style that is so popular now. It was originally built like this because it was cheap and easy to construct.
   This house is being built on a block approximately 20 metres form a river. It has to allow the floodwaters to flow past so the lower floor is kept to a minimum size and not fully enclosed. The upper floor has the main living areas orientated to the view of the river and the valley.
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