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Portfolio of completed designs
Koala Beach House
Koala beach House
This is a great house despite the difficult block it is built on. Rising steeply from the road, then sloping up to the rear boundary, the block also faces South to the road.
The lower floor of the house contains a double Garage, Entry, Rumpus and Powder Room. Above this is the Living, Dining and Kithcen with a deck to the south and east. From this level we step up 1200mm and towards the rear of the block to the Bedrooms, Ensuite and Laundry. This level was stepped up to allow a flat yard area to be built at the rear of the residence.
The house has wonderful views from the deck and living areas which make living on this site worthwile.
Veranda 02
Verandah Extension
The front Verandah with a pyramid shaped roof was added approximately 8 years after the house was built.
By using similar materials and a design that reflected the existing structure, the extension blends seamlessly into the existing house. It was built above the existing roof line to allow the existing structure to remain almost untouched. The roof was designed as a pyramid to allow sunlight to the existing solar hotwater system and the solar pv cells.
Corner House 01
Corner House
Built on a corner in a quiet neighbourhood, this house was pushed back to the rear of the block to allow for a large open yard area in the north-east corner of the block.
The local council would only allow a 1200mm high fence to the front boundary, so small trees and shrubs were planted to provide a screen to the house and yard. More plantings and a timber screen were used for privacy and protection from the sun to the Kitchen, Family Room and Verandah.
Corner House 02
Builders Own
Builders Own House
This site is in a coastal village and backs directly onto thousands of hectares of nature reserve. It had an old rundown cottage on it. It was bought by a builder who demolished the cottage and built a large house for his family.
The block is prone to flooding from the nearby lake so the floor of the main house is raised approx. 1.0m. above ground level. The living areas on the lower floor open out to a large deck at the rear (northern aspect) which, in turn, faces directly onto the reserve.
House and Pool 01
Corner Sloping Block
On a corner of a busy road, with the block facing north and east to the roads, a descision was made to apply to the local council or a 1800mm high fence to the street boundaries. When this was passed, thre house was built in a 'L' shape along the South and West sides of the block, freeing up the northeast corner for a pool and entertaining area. A thick planting of palms and shrubs adds an extra barrier to the noise of the road and shades the pool.
House and Pool 03
Bushfire House
Reserve House
Built literally in the nature reserve (surrounded on three sides by it), this house has wallabies grazing on the front lawn.
The proximity to the trees and nature and the privacy of the seting has allowed the owners their own unique lifestyle. It does, however present one problem, bushfires. Special features were put in place on the sides of the house facing the trees to allow the house withstand this threat.It is a small price to pay for living next door to nature.
River House
River House
Only 30m. across flat land from the actual river, this house has uninterupted views up and down the river and the surrounding valley.
The upper floor has the living areas and the verandah orientated toward the river views and the bedrooms and bathrooms towards the rear. The lower floor is built to withstand the inevitable flood and has to remain mostly open to allow the floodwater to flow past.
Original House
Original Beach House
This is one of the last beach cottages from the 50's and 60's to survive the ravages of time and the developers. Originally built with a skillion roof because it was easy and cheap, these houses are what has inspired the current style.
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