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A complete drafting service
Floor Plan
All your drafting needs for your dream house
Tweed Coast Drafting Service takes a completed design and creates a complete set of drawings. We provide all drawings necessary for Local Council (usually for Development Application and Construction Certificate). This certification can also be undertaken by private, suitably qualified companies. These drawings include but are not limited to:
* Site Plans
* Floor Plans
* Elevations
* Sections
* Construction Details
* Wind Bracing diagrams
* Tie Down Schedules

Some councils also require drawings for:
* Landscape
* Driveway profile
* Air flow diagrams
* Shadow Diagrams
* Plumbing Diagrams

Auxiliary Drawings can also be produced for:
* Internal Elevations (Kitchen, Bathroom, Ensuite, Laundry)
* Window and Door Schedules
* Roof Plans
* Electrical

Drawings will also be needed to allow consultants prepare designs for engineering (Slab design and Steel Posts, Beams and Bracing) and for Energy Efficiency Certificates.

We also do plans for
* Garages and Carports
* Verandahs and decks
* Alterations and Additions
* Internal Renovations
* Knock-down and rebuilds
* All architectural drafting work
if you need a cheaper, on line drafting service, we also have CEODrafting Service (Cost Effective On-line)

Drafting Site 01 Drafting floor 03 Drafting Elev 04
Site Plans
Floor Plan
Locate your house accuratrely on the site and identify any services. We can import site contour surveys, boundary identifying surveys of existing features surveys from most most surveyors.
Draw your floor plans accurately and to scale. This allows builders and estimators to do their job with the least amount of fuss and compile precise quotes and estimates.
Technical elevations (as opposed to brochure graphics or 3D) are to show the roof type, window placement, external claddings and features like natural ground lines on sloping sites.
Drafting Section 05 Drafting Detail 06 Drafting Landscape 07
Construction Details
Landscape Plan
Sections through the house can show construction types and methods, materials and items not seen in elevations. They give a clear indication of what is happening and where it is happening.
Some times, on more complicated buildings, construction details are necessary to clarify some part of the construction. They should leave no doubt in anybodys mind of what has to be built.
More councils and local authorities are wanting basic landscape plans now. They will show plant types and locations which allow water use and overshadowing issues to be adressed.
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