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Green = Energy efficient and enviromentally friendly design.
Ecologically sensitive sustainable responsible
We have set a separate website to explore the new twin topics of the
Ecologically Sensitive, Sustainable and Responsible trend in housing along with the new
Energy Efficiency and Saving measures being introduced into housing and buildings in general.
Solar Array

Green Design

There is a new buzz word out there in architectural and building circles and it is green. This word encompasses a vast array of sustainable design ideas, products and methods. It covers the use and reuse of ecologically friendly materials, good design to reduce the amount of energy used in a building, harvesting water (rainwater and greywater) and using natural energy (sunlight or wind) to create energy to run our day to day life.
There are a thousand different ways to turn your new house or to modify your existing house into a more efficent building. We can help you with this by looking at the structure, it's environment and what can be achieved within your budget. The result will be a house that costs less to run, is in tune with its enviroment and still looks good. The benefis of what is being done now will be felt well into the future.

Smaller houses and design to suit your enviroment. Use less energy and produce your own energy. Use enviromentally senstive products and devices.
   We don't need a 5 bedroom house for 4 people, we actually feel better and safer in a smaller, friendlier space than a vast cold cavern.
Passive solar design. Design your house to get more sunlight in Winter, less in Summer, protect it from the cold Winter winds and use the cooling Summer winds as natural air conditioning.
   Insulate your house. Insulate the floor to stop the cold coming up through it. Insulate the walls to stop excessive heat gain or loss and maintain an even temperature. Insulate and ventilate the roof in hot climates to stop heat transfering into the living space below.
Produce your own energy through photovoltaic cells, wind generators and run your hotwater system, charge your batteries.
   Use natural materials that are made easily from abundant resources (steel house frames, bricks) that can be recycled at the end of their life. Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints are better for you and the environment. It is now mandatory to use dual flush toilets in most places. Harvest your greywater (from sinks, baths washing machines), treat it and reuse it in the toilet and garden.

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