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site plans

Site Plans

We can prepare a site plan with information you give to us or we can use an existing survey from a surveyor.
If you can give us the boundary information (bearings and dimensions) we can draw a site plan based on this. We can show building position, driveways, setbacks and north point. This is all that is required for some sites, especially the standard flat, rectangular house site.

For difficult sites, we can import surveys from the surveyors into our drawings. These surveys will have accurate boundaries, contours and position of services. The boundary information will allow us to accurately position the building on the land and, more importantly, ensure the build will fit on the land when building on a small site. Contours are most useful when we have to design for a steep site, we can get an accurate idea of the amount of cut and fill and how the building will fit on the site. Some council’s only allow a maximum of 1M. cut and 1M. fill on sites, which makes the contour plan a vital part of the design. The position of services is vital information for construction. Also shown on the survey will be any easements, most of which cannot be built on. 

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