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mud brick

Mud Brick and Rammed Earth

We have been involved in Mud Brick or Pise buildings. This was in the layout of buildings, structural and roof framing, not the actual technology of the content or making or mud bricks. This method of construction should only be used only when suitable earth is available on site. There are various methods of making bricks and rammed earth walls with additives like straw or Gypsum and many books and web sites are dedicated to this style of building. The mud brick walls are not structural, a frame to support the roof has to be constructed and the bricks are used to fill in the gaps. The bricks need to be protected from the elements (mainly rain) by a wide eave or veranda and/or some form of external covering.
Rammed Earth construction is similar to mud brick except for the walls are made using a moveable formwork not from individual bricks.

We will work with you to help you create you dream house. We can supply all the technical and structural details required for the support frame.
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