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house plans

House Plans

A Concept Plan approved by the client is the beginning of the working drawings.

Our custom house plans include:
Site Plan showing setbacks, Stormwater, contours, cut and fill
Floor Plan(s) with all dimensions, room names, notes
Elevations of all external views
Section(s) through building at relevant points
Construction Details if required
Wind Bracing Diagram and Calculations
Tie Down Schedule

Some local councils require more information and some complex houses require more details. These can include:
Landscape Plans showing plantings, deep soil zones, impermeable area and lawns
Foundation, Footings and Retaining Wall plans
Sub-floor Plans showing timber bearers and joists layout
Set Out Plan with all dimensions
Slab plan with all dimensions, load bearing points, rebates and slab penetrations
Window and Door Schedule (external and internal doors)
Roof Plan for complex roofs
Lighting and Electrical Plans with Cbus technology, security systems, Audio and Video
Internal Layout and Elevations of Kitchen, Bathroom, Ensuite and Powder Room

We will supply all information required on our plan sets and we will work with Builders, Consultants and Local Councils until we get it right.
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