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floor plans

Floor Plans

Floor plans are the most important pages in a set of plans. They are the most read, looked at and discussed sheet of drawings and must be accurate, drawn to scale (usually 1:100) and be legible. All areas, rooms and features must be clearly defined and relevant notes inserted. Different wall types must be shown; different floor finishes (wet area tiles, timber flooring) can be noted, and ceiling features like bulkheads and raked ceilings areas can be shown.

All dimension need for construction must be clearly and logically shown and must be 100% accurate. Luckily, C.A.D. programs like AutoCAD make this easy. The dimension will show exactly what a length of wall is provided the software is used properly.
Correctly drawn floor plans allow builders and estimators produce accurate quotes for construction costs and material quantities. Logically drawn, clearly defined plans with informative notes get a project of to a good start and allow the workflow to progress smoothly.
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