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contract drafting

Contract Drafting

Tweed Coast Drafting provides an outsourced drafting service for Builders, Architects, Engineers and Drafting Offices. Drawings are produced using AutoCAD, using your layer system and CAD standards or we can create a CAD standard system for you. Completed Drawings can be sent to you as paper copies, AutoCAD files (.dwg, .dfx or .dwf) or .pdf files. Other file types can be accommodated.

Our service will deliver high quality drawings at a fixed (negotiated) price, on time for customers anywhere in Australia or the South Pacific. A satisfied customer is our best advertisement.

We can also have experience in the measurement (using laser equipment) and drawing of existing buildings for purpose of adding extensions or reciting storm damage.

Tweed Coast Drafting Service provides a unique service to builders. We tailor the set of drawing to reflect the individual builder's style of construction. The materials specified in the drawings are the preferred materials used by the builder. Construction details are draw to the builder's details and specifications and reflect their style of construction.
Tweed Coast Drafting Service regularly works with Architects. Working from sketch plans, we prepare complete documentation for large houses and unit developments. Full specifications of materials and objects used are sourced to provide accurate drawings and details to allow the architect create the building they envisaged.
Tweed Coast Drafting Service has experience working with engineers to provide drawings and details for concrete slab and footings, steel posts and beams in buildings to provide bracing and support to large spans and steel portal framed industrial buildings. We provide a drafting services to engineers wishing to outsource their design details. It is important for communicating information to building contractors and architects in clear, accurate and concise drawings and specifications. We have been drafting for Engineers for 15 years.
Projects have included:
* Reinforced concrete plans, details and sections
* Retaining wall details
* Structural details
* Structural steelwork drawings
Drafting Offices
Tweed Coast Drafting Service can sub-contract drafting services to the drafting offices of project
builders and other drafting services. We can reduce your backlog of work and help you deliver
completed projects on time.

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